Take me out to the ball game 

Winter Time 

Fall Time 

 Autumn is finally here and it's one of Soph N Beans favorite time of the year when they get to play dress up with their favorite human-Jacques. He tries to look like an animal and they try & look like people. Very confusing but Happy Halloween anyway.

Spring Time 

 The winter storm of 2016 came & went delivering a blizzard throughout. We at Soph N Bean also weathered the elements to continue caring for all of our furry friends. We have a local sign that is symbolic of our pet care company. It somehow managed to have 20 inches of snow dumped on as well as, I'm sure, quite a few trucks plowing into it, but somehow still managed to stand after all of that snow. Just plain remarkable. 

Another Summer  

Top Cat 

Summer in the City

 Do you know where your outside cat goes? Do you know the company he has been keeping lately while out and about? Do you know if he is running an election campaign for a politician you would never consider voting for? Call Soph N Bean Pet Care today and we can help get him home. We know what it takes by tearing an opener thru a can of his favorite fish or the tapping of a plate while the smell of fresh liver pate whiffs thru his whiskers. From there it will be home sweet home.

Wow! What a workout. I had a pet companion from Soph N Bean Pet Care visit today and we went to the dog park, chased a frisbee and ran around all day. We had a ball. Now, this is my idea of what they call Happy Hour. Snooze


Run around Dog

  Another St Paddy's has come and gone and that means good weather is headed our way. Even my buddy Punxsutawney Phil predicated an early spring, so let's get all of our furry friends out and about. Call us to day to schedule a pet companion.

We have some important news to talk about. There's skeeters from the islands headed our way this summer. I'm told they are going to make their home in any body of water they can fine. Now I have been catting around for 7 people years & have never seen anything like this, but better to be safe than sorry. So, I'm only drinking from clean water bowls inside my cat cave and I have put all my pet care companions on notice not to leave any bowls outdoors so those nasty bugs don't start using my drinks as their watering hold. Call us today for all your pet care needs,

Even our pets enjoy summers favorite past time. A day at the Ball park. Call us today to learn more about our Pet Taxi Services.