Sophie Says

 It's winter again, not a favorite time for your friendly feline as a lot of us, unless we're just sleeping and eating the season away, are getting our full of static electricity and it's im-purr-fectly annoying. So, what's a cat to do? There are many remedies out there starting with: using a vaporizer or humidifier; washing us down with unscented dryer sheets and feeding us lots of moist canned cat food. However, what really seems to be working for my sister and I, is getting brushed a few times a day. So, if you don't have that type of luxury, we can help by offering our daily, weekly or overnight cat care services.


It's Back to School Time

Cousin Nonnie thinks they have forgotten about him. He remembers taking long walks around the neighborhood and playing in the backyard all day. Now he is stuck in the house until they come home from work or school and its starting to get dark out early. Don't let this happen to your dog. Call us for scheduling your daily dog walks today. 

Soph N Bean go on Vacation

Soph N Bean go on vacation, and thanks to their friendly Transportation Services Companion, they are free to travel anytime anywhere. Contact us to schedule all of your pets mobile service needs.


Beanie Sprouts

Finally, spring has sprung! It feels so great to finally be out and about and even my tail has dethawed.  All is good and if you can believe it, the birds are music to my waxy ears. Even the squirrels are a sight for sore eyes. So, no need to be stuck in the house all day when you can call Soph N Bean for indoor & "outdoor" pet care services.

 Cousin Luigi here. I wanted to talk with you today about us dogs. Studies show that dogs that get daily exercise tend to live longer than those that don't. So, call today to schedule an appointment with a dog walker at Soph N Bean Pet Care.


A day in the life of a dog

To schedule a meeting

Call: 610-783-6394 or

 Old man winter is here again & lately it has been too cold for us Pup's to just be hanging around in the yard.

Soph N Bean- We will pick up your pet & take them to the nearest dog park to run & catch and then deliver them back home. Call or e-mail us today.


Cousin Luigi and his Gal Miss Sofia

Well, their off. So either the cruse ship is not very dog friendly or they opted to have a pet free vacation. Whatever the case maybe, it will just be my Gal Sofia and me for a full 10 days of R & R at home thanks to our friendly vacation pet sitter from Soph N Bean Pet Care. So, no need to worry about getting fed, walked or feeling too lonely. Oh, life is good! Call today for rates and scheduling for all of your vacation needs.


Doggy it's cold outside